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McEntee’s Tea Celebrates winning another Gold Star Award this year!

“We are delighted to win another Gold Star Great Taste Award for our Mint and Nettle infusion to add to the Gold Blas Irish Food Award it won last year!

— Helen McEntee, Owner & Director

McEntee’s Fine Teas is a family business run by married couple, Donal and Helen McEntee in Co. Louth. With a unique mix of experience and backgrounds Donal and Helen, both passionate tea drinkers, brought

together the idea of McEntee’s Tea from their office on the family farm in Charlestown, Co. Louth. They are proud of their progress since since launching their McEntee’s Tea brand in 2018 with 3 Blas Irish Food Awards and two Great Taste Gold Star Awards.

McEntee’s Tea are aware of the growing desire for a better quality cup of tea and the pleasure in sitting down around a pot of Tea with friends and family and enjoying the moment. People are also increas

ingly conscious of the environmental benefits of not using tea bags due to the microplastics found in them, another factor that has added to the growth in loose leaf tea. They believe that

the increasing numbers returning  to loose leaf tea is a sign of this trend in tea drinking.

All our Teas are available to buy in a number of catering and retail outlets locally, such as Gerry Fresh Foods, Supervalu, Coffeebox, Bio Coffee Café and at and we are interested in finding more stockists, contact McEntee’s Tea  for more information.

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