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  • McEntee’s Irish Breakfast Tea (Pack of 4) – 250g Refill Bags – delivering that distinctive fragrant and lemony brew for all times of the day when you need a reviving cup of tea.
  • Your McEntee’s tea is foil packed to ensure your teas freshness.
  • Blended in Ireland using the finest Indian Assam teas and best highland Ceylon teas to produce that perfect balance of flavour and taste that you only get from a traditional Irish tea blend.
  • For our traditional Irish loose tea we choose teas made through the Crush, Tear, and Curl (CTC) process which produces a granular leaf particle rather than the Orthodox process which creates more of a leaf shape. It’s this type of tea that produces the distinctive Irish full bodied tea with deep golden colour and quicker brew time, delivering a traditional cup of Irish tea.

McEntees Irish Breakfast Tea - 4 Pack (4x250g Bags)

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