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Kurukshetra Tamil Full Movie Free Download




The film stars Darshan and Sanjjanaa, in lead roles, and features Yogish, Varun Tej, Lakshmi, Raghavendra Rajkumar, Radhika, Jeeva, Ramesh Bhat, Srikanth Varma and Narasimharaju. The official trailer of the film was released on 25 September 2019. Upon release, the film received positive reviews from the critics. It was released on 1 October 2019, and grossed 5.40 crore in its first weekend. The film is a production of Sachin Anand Srinivasa Creations. The venture was originally a Telugu film titled Kodukulakottu, and was first launched in 2013. Plot The story revolves around a war between the Gods and Demons. The war is caused by the demon Mukaali and other forces who were ordered by the god Agastya. Agastya wanted a girl named Kasi who he wanted for himself, but he couldn't get her. Mukaali's forces destroy the cities, cities and worlds. Mukaali and his force were attacked by Agastya's forces and Mukaali killed Agastya and formed his own kingdom. Agastya's son Abhimanyu and his forces travel to the kingdom of Mukaali and destroy his forces. He rescues Kasi and then stays there and rules the kingdom. Abhimanyu and Kasi fall in love and then Abhimanyu becomes the king of the kingdom. Cast Darshan as Abhimanyu, the king of the Narmada kingdom Sanjjanaa as Kasi, Abhimanyu's lover and wife Yogish as Mukaali, a demon Varun Tej as Abhimanyu, a teenager and King of Narmada kingdom Lakshmi as Kasi, a princess and wife of Abhimanyu Raghavendra Rajkumar as King Kavishya, the king of Ambujaguda Jeeva as Brahmin priest Radhika as Agastya's wife Ramesh Bhat as Mukaali's brother Srikanth Varma as Krishna Narasimharaju as Karna Suresh Heblikar as Devaatwa Jayasheela as Baladevi Prabhas Srinath as Jatayu, a monkey Devar



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Kurukshetra Tamil Full Movie Free Download

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